Here We Go!

It is Monday, June 10 and the Transplant Coordinator just left my room.  It is a go!  They have found a viable heart for me and I am beginning the process of preparing for surgery.  The heart will be harvested on the other end at 5 am and barring anything unforeseen, I will be in surgery several hours later.  This could be what is called a “dry run” in which case I would not receive this heart for some medical reason.  We will not know this for sure until a few hours after the surgeons harvest the heart.  Of course, the prayer is that this is not a dry run!

I can’t even begin to explain the emotions I am feeling right now.  When the Transplant Coordinator entered my room I just started crying.  As I used to tell my girls growing up – “They are good tears.”  I made my phone calls, the family is on their way and I am going to begin the process of preparation.  The nurse is right now hanging some Vitamin K which will counteract my blood thinners.  After the orders have been processed I understand that a great deal of blood work will be happening.  That is why I am writing this post right now because once the blood starts to get drawn I will be in my bed!  They say that they are going to need a lot of it for all of the testing and prep that needs to happen before my surgery.

I am so ready for this.  I have been waiting in this room for over a month and it is almost surreal that this is happening.  I am well aware that this might not happen, but the next step has been taken and I am seeing the class as half full.  Please pray for the loved ones of the donor as they are on the other side of this equation.  I am sure the sorrow of their loss is immense.  It is humbling to think that someone is going to die and out of that death I am celebrating life.  It goes without saying, but if are not an organ donor, become one!

I don’t know when I will be writing again.  So, until that time keep praying and make sure you hug everyone that you love!