This is Life

Sometime life just seems to fly by.  You wonder where they time has gone. It doesn’t seem as if you have accomplished anything in particular or that you have used your time in any valuable way.  Yet, when you stop, in the midst of all of this, and take account of what you have learned, you find a wealth of information.  Some of the information is new and revelatory while other information is the same old thing on a different day.  This is life.  The living into and the revelation of information that we input all the time.  This information informs us, shapes us, molds us and prejudices us.  This information makes us happy, it makes us mad, it confuses us and it affirms us.  It isn’t about being right or wrong, it is about information that is true in our lives at this given time and in this given space.  Some of it requires deeper insight while the rest simply are passing thoughts that will be experienced again in the future or forgotten to the winds of time.

Having said all of that.  This is what have I learned this week.  (In no specific order):

Young voters haven’t turned out in record numbers to support Bernie Sanders.

I have been washing my hands incorrectly for years.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products have become as valuable as diamonds.

When a service company tells you they will be there between 8 and Noon, they sometimes aren’t.

Not everyone is interested in the exact same things that interest me.

A dog that normally stays home alone all day will want to go outside every hour if you are all-of-a-sudden at home during the day.

Bobcats are beautiful animals.

The mind is very persuasive when it comes to sickness.

When you don’t know what to do, you make an informed guess and pray for the best.

Springing ahead is a ridiculous and out-dated practice in the morning, but the greatest thing ever dreamed up in the evening.

Technology will never do what it is supposed to do exactly as it is supposed to do it the very first time you install it.

There is a whole world out there beyond COVID-19.

In this great country we prefer that old, white guys be our leaders.

Any plant that grows where it is not desired is technically referred to as a weed.

Chinese take out is only good for two days after you order it.

My wife makes the best personal-sized Boston Cream pies.

Nothing says happiness like being on the couch with my wife, binge watching Hulu with a fire warming the room on a chilly night.

Sandhill Cranes can fly but they make the choice to walk everywhere.

Concrete block buildings are superb at holding in cold air.

I am only one bought of CMV away from my goal weight.

How about you?  What have you learned this week as your time has flown by?  Make your very own list.  I bet that you will be very surprised with what you realize.