Devotion Test

To be devoted to something means that you make it a priority in your life.  Here is the tricky part.  What you think you are devoted to doesn’t always line up with that which you are actually devoted.  You might believe that you are devoted to something because somewhere, someone, somehow convinced you that to it you should be devoted.  Yet, upon closer inspection of your life, you see that you are only giving lip service to that devotion.  You are actually truly devoted to something else entirely.

Thus, it is important that you periodically take a devotion test.  You need to regularly compare that which you think you are devoted to; to that which you are actually devoted.  This will allow you to make any necessary course corrections.  Or it will affirm your devotion and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

There are four aspects to this devotion test.  Only you can answer these questions.  Yet, input from the people that you love might help you to gain some important perspective. Remember, the definition of devotion is something you make a priority in your life.  For this exercise it is very important that you don’t make any judgments.  This is not about good or bad, right or wrong.  This exercise is simply designed to help you get real with where you are in your life right here, right now.  Once you get real with yourself, God will meet you there and will walk with you into any and all new possibilities and opportunities.

Before you get started, it is important that you take the time to write down what you believe you are devoted to in your life.  This will serve as a reminder of where you believe you are, regarding your devotion, before you take this test.  After you answer the following questions, you will be able to see how your reality lines up with your perception.

Aspect #1 – What do you spend time in your life studying?  You will study anything to which you are devoted.  If you are devoted to your job, you will study your job.  If you are devoted to your relationships, you will study your relationships.  If you are devoted to sports, you will study sports.  If you are devoted to music, you will study music.  And so on.  Looking at your life, what do you study?

Aspect #2 – What or who do you talk to and about?  You will regularly talk with someone that is a priority in your life.  You will also talk about someone or something that is a priority in your life.  Examine your conversations.  Who do you talk to the most?  When you talk to anyone, what are you most likely to talk about?

Aspect #3 – Who or what do you worship?  Meaning, who or what do you set aside a specific time to enjoy, to honor or to praise?  This is a specific time to watch a show, participate in an event or spend time with someone.  It is a specific time that everyone in your life knows you won’t miss.  It is something or someone that you will miss, if you don’t make it.  In fact, you will do everything in your power to make sure nothing else conflicts with whatever it is that you are making a choice to worship.

Aspect #4 – Who or what do you serve in your life?  This is someone or something for which you will do things, not only for, but in honor of.  You will wear clothing that announces your devotion. You will do charitable things in your life in the name of that which you are devoted.  You will help other people learn about your devotion with the hopes that they will also become devoted. Or, at least, see the benefit in your devotion.  Basically, you will do things in your life, because of your devotion.

Now compare your answers to what you originally listed as the things that you are devoted to in your life.  How do they line up?  Are there differences between what you thought you were devoted to and to what you are actually devoted?  If so, do you want to do anything about that difference?  Or do you want to continue to live with your current devotions, just changing your perspective concerning what holds your devotion?  What you do with this information is totally up to you.  Understanding that there are consequences to any decision regarding your devotion.  One can only maintain so much devotion in life.  None of us can be devoted to everything and everyone.  Thus, we all must make choices.