Don’t Waste This Pandemic

With all of the exciting talk lately about vaccines to protect us from COVID 19, we need to start planning for the future.  See, us humans have a tendency to return to old patterns very quickly.  This is true even when we know that our old patterns are not the best patterns.  Destructive behaviors, toxic relationships, bad habits and falling off the wagon are all too common to all of us.  We know what is good for us and what is bad for us, but we don’t always choose wisely.  When the rubber meets the road, too many of us follow the path of least resistance, even when we don’t like the path of least resistance.  We tend to dine with the devil we know, as opposed to trying take out with the devil that we don’t know.

This pandemic has forced us into new patterns, new routines and new ways of doing life.  Some of these new ways have turned out to be very good.  Doors have been opened to opportunities that we never imagined, just twelve months ago.  Working from home, online education, video-conferencing, home cooking, online shopping, just to name a few.  Well, once this pandemic is over, all of us are going to have choices to make.  For what we have been doing, over the last year, will no longer be necessary.  Thus, we will be forced to wrestle with the inevitable old patterns, old habits and old ways of doing life.  We all need to start thinking now about what pandemic behaviors we will keep and what pre-pandemic behaviors we will rediscover.  There will also be the inevitable hybrid behaviors that combine both pre-pandemic as well as pandemic behaviors.

What we all need to admit now is that life cannot simply return to 2019, as if 2020 never happened.  Yes, there are aspects of this year that we all pray we will never have to deal with again.  Yet, we can all acknowledge that we have learned a great deal about ourselves and about life over this last year; what is really important and what just doesn’t matter.  That learning will need to be mixed into life as we know it, when this pandemic is all over.  What 2020 behaviors, habits and ways of doing things will you keep?  What 2020 behaviors, habits and ways of doing things will you discard?  It is vital that you start to tackle these questions now.  For, left to our own devices, we will fall right back into our 2019 ways of living.  And that would be a terrible waste of a pandemic!