Deja Vu

Random thought for the day: Deja vu.  You know, a feeling that causes you to think that you have already experienced this present moment, sometime in the past.  A conversation that seems all too familiar.  An event that seems to be repeated, even though it is truly the first time.  A person you would swear to have already met, when you are first being introduced.  You know, a glitch in the matrix, ground hogs day or whatever else you use to define it, that is simply puzzling.   But, alas, all-too-often these occurrences are written off during the course of an average day.  Well, let’s stop for a moment and realize that today isn’t just another average day.

What if Deja vu is simply God’s way of letting you know that you are on the right course?  Follow me on this thought.  God created you in this time and in this place.  You were not born in the 19th century in England or in the 23rd century on Mars.  You are right here, right now.  There has never been anyone just like you and there will never be anyone just like you.  When God created you, he broke the mold.

Now, following this line of thinking, God must have created you in this time and in this place for a reason.  You are not an accident. You are not here by chance.  You have a part in a much bigger play, called reality.  Your life, your gifts, are meant to accomplish something in this reality.  In fact, the ultimate pursuit of the human experience is to discover your gifts and to live into your part.

Continuing on with this thought, what kind of creator, giver of life, master of reality – God – would we serve if he didn’t lead us down the right path toward living into who we have been created to be?  In fact, it would be vindictive and down right mean to create you and then supply zero guidance and encouragement for you to fully accomplish being a complete you.  Why create reality and create you to live in this reality, with specific gifts for specific purposes, and then do nothing in order to help you achieve the goal that has been given to you and to reality?  If you and I are unable to be a complete version of ourselves, then reality, as it has been envisioned by God, can and will never come into existence.  So, if God doesn’t help you to be a complete you, than God is merely shooting himself in the foot, for his intentions for reality will never be realized.

So, with all of this as a backdrop, what if Deja vu is simply one way that God lets you know that you are on the right course?  That your life is exactly where it needs to be and is meant to be?  God is able to see all of time, at the same time.  God can see where you will end up, regardless of the decisions that you make.  Because God, who exists outside of the scope of time, is able to see the trajectory of your life from every angle and in response to every possible decision.  God doesn’t control your decisions, but God can see the results of every one of your decisions.  God knows what will happen if you turn left today as opposed to turn right.  God knows what will happen if you take that job today or if you turn down that job.  God knows what will happen if you go on that date today or if you don’t go on that date.  God is able to see all possible realities, all at the same time.  Now, God has a desired reality for you, but God will not force you into that reality.  All God will do is send you, throughout your life, encouragement that will point you toward God’s intention for your life.  What you do with that encouragement, what decisions that you make in response to that encouragement, is up to you.  Yet, your decisions will never stop God from encouraging you to be who he has created you to be.

Think about that the next time that you experience Deja vu.  It is one of God’s ways of encouraging you and letting you know that you are on the right course.  Having said all of that, also beware if you don’t experience Deja vu.  For that just might mean that you are not on the right course.