Any Dream Will Do

What are dreams made of?  It’s not such a silly question, especially at this time of year.  For Christmas is all about dreams.  Dreams of a Savior.  Dreams of salvation.  Dreams of presents under the tree.  Dreams of new beginnings.  Christmas is a time where the little child in each one of us wakes up and we believe that any dream will do.


This is the magic of Christmas.  This is what makes Christmas lights twinkle so brightly.  This is what makes Christmas so universally loved.  For Christmas represents the possibility of a new life.  The possibility of dreams coming true.  Not only for a people of long ago and far way.  But for you and me right here, right now.


Christmas, unlike any other time of year, gives us the permission to dream.  Writing a book, getting married, having a baby, buying a house, retiring, starting a company, taking a vacation, and the like.  It all seems that much more attainable at Christmas.  It’s as if the gravitational pull of the earth brings you closer to who you believe you can be, every year around December 25.


All of this is no mistake.  What we all feel at Christmas isn’t simply nostalgia.  This is Christmas.  For Christmas is about the dreams of a people who longed for freedom from the captivity of this world.  The nation of Israel had been waiting for their Savior, their Messiah, for as long as there had been an Israel.  They dreamed of being set free from the rule of the Roman Empire and they dreamed of being set free from their bondage to sin and death.  They dared to dream of a better way and a better life.


This Christmas is no different for you and for me.  For because of Christmas each and every single one of us has been invited to dream.  To dream of a life lived beyond our wildest imaginations.  To dream of redemption.  To dream of eternity.


What are dreams made of?  They are made of your reality, combined with a pinch or two of hope, possibility, childlike joy and an overflowing cup of boldness.  All of this is mixed together by the hands of the master chef and baked in the oven of your life.  Over time the world begins to fill with the aroma of your dreams.  And, exactly at the right time, the master chef opens the oven door of your life.  Out comes the perfect creation that is no longer just a dream.  Out comes the master chef’s creation, which is you and your life.


Merry Christmas and may all of your dreams come true!