On What Foundation Are You Building?

There’s so much good out there.  Good news.  Good people.  Good timing.  Good actions and good consequences.  Singers who sing amazing original songs on America’s Got Talent, while battling cancer.  Young couples having the opportunity to own their first home.  Simply because a seller made the decision to give some first-time home buyers a hand up.  Teachers who love to teach in the face of fractured families, school shootings, COVID, budget constraints and political posturing.  Friendly people giving others a ride to church and the doctor.  Emails being sent, asking for forgiveness.  And on and on and on.        


Today, you’re attempting to build a better boat.  Today, you’re attempting to build a better life.  On what foundation are you building?  Are you building your better life on the foundation of FOX News or CNN or the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter or Critical Race Theory or Cryptocurrency or #Anything?  For the foundation you choose, the very things that you allow to form your foundation, will have a direct impact on your ability to successfully build a better life.


You might be saying to yourself right now – “But one must stay informed about what is happening in the world?”  Let me ask you this question:  We are living in the most informed age in the history of humanity.  At no other time in history have we had access to information about everything that is going on in the world, like we do today.  Has this ability to be informed made your life any better? 


Or has it simply informed you of all the things that you desire to be informed of?  All of the things that interest you?  Feeding your conspiracy theories?  Scratching the itch of every hypothesis you have about any and all subjects?  Thus, validating that which you already believed, even before you were “informed”?


Staying informed is good.  But being over informed or selectively using information to validate your opinion, is dangerous.  Saturating your life with economic news, political news, financial news and entertainment news will never build a better life.  In fact, it will do just the opposite. 


It will build hostility in the face of frustration over information that you can do very little to nothing at all to alter.  It will put holes in your hull and will choke out any possibility of experiencing the good news, good people, good timing, good actions and good consequences in this life.  Unless and only when, the news, the people, the timing, the actions and the consequences agree with you or make you happy.


So, what to do?  Stop being informed about all the stuff of this world and start being informed of the stuff of heaven.  Instead of keeping your TV tuned to 24-hour news outlets, who must dig up whatever they can to simply stay on the air for twenty-four hours, while attracting viewers so that they can convince their sponsors to pay more for advertising, so that they can increase the salaries of their talent and leadership.  Tune in to God’s Word through reading it, joining a local Bible study, listening to pod casts, tuning into church’s live streamed worship services or better yet, go to church! 



Open your eyes, ears, hearts and minds, not to political talking points, but to the people who live around you each and every single day.  Get a cup of coffee with someone and ask them about how they are doing.  Take a walk and listen to the sounds of life – birds chirping, children laughing, that car passing by blasting their favorite song.  Look for the good.  For it’s out there – Good news, good people, good timing, good actions and good consequences.  You might not change the world, but you will change yourself.  And any change in this world must start with one person.