"But Whoever"

Proverbs 17:9

“But Whoever”


Entry Ticket: What was our final question in the series “Understood to Understand”?

How do you understand yourself, your life, your neighbors and God, in light of Easter? 


Basic Problem #1 – Humans don’t have to be taught how to put their own needs and desires above all else.


Basic Problem #2 – Humans will irritate and offend you.


What you do with this irritation and offense will dictate your life and friendships.



1. Must protect oneself by reminding others of their faults and weaknesses.

2. Must avenge any slight felt from others.

3. Must hear gossip and spread gossip.   



1. Refuses to repeat rumors or even facts that degrade a person’s reputation.

2. Thinks no evil of others and does not rejoice in their failures and sin.


3. Protects the reputation of others.