Your Mission

Holy Week is all about contradictions.: 


“Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” on Palm Sunday.  “Crucify him!” on Good Friday. 


Jesus washing the disciple’s feet at the Passover in the upper room.  The very feet of the men who would betray and abandon him within the next several hours. 


Religious leaders, who have a big problem with Jesus for not following the law of God, plotting to have Jesus murdered. 


Peter denying that he will deny Jesus three times before the rooster crows; and yet still does it. 


Jesus telling his disciples, at least three times, about the resurrection.  Yet, they still didn’t believe it when the women came and told them about the resurrection.


Why is this? 


Because life, on this side of eternity, is all about contradictions. 


How else can you explain thirteen school shootings in the country since January 1.  While some state legislatures are passing laws that allow anyone, without a permit or background check to carry a concealed weapon?   


How else can you explain a state that claims the moral high ground of Pro-Life, but has no problem supporting the death penalty?


How else can you explain banned books and censored history in schools that have been given the task to educate the next generation? 


How else can you explain people who say one thing and then turn around and do the opposite?


The good news in all of this:


The resurrection happened while the tomb was sealed.


Contradiction might be our reality, on this side of eternity. But, in the midst of the contradictions, while the tomb was still sealed, the resurrection took place. 


What is can never and will never stop who Jesus is. 


Regardless of what lame-brained things we do, we cannot and will not erase the good news, the possibility and the hope of the resurrection. 


The resurrection happened in spite of this sin-stained, contradictory filled, sealed tomb reality, that we all call life. 


Because of the resurrection, your life is about so much more than the contradictions of this world. 


Your mission, if you so choose to accept it this Holy Week, is to start living your resurrection life; in the midst of the contradictions that are all around us.