Intended Direction Questions

Here’s a question that you ask yourself countless times in the course of a normal day.  What is my intended direction?  If I’m going to the grocery store, what is my intended direction?  Is there more than one way to get to the grocery store?  If so, which way will I go and why?  Is there more than one grocery store to choose from?  If so, which grocery store will I choose and why?  Why am I going to the grocery store in the first place?  All of these questions reveal your intended direction.  The direction that you want your life and your decisions to go.   


All of these questions and many more like them, are asked and answered by you every single day.  Some questions exist in the realm of your realization.  Meaning you have to consciously reason them out.  While others are answered subconsciously.  Meaning you just know.  But even in just knowing you still have to ask the intended direction question of: “Why do I just know?”    


Some answers you just know because it fits who you are, at any given point in time.  You’ve become very comfortable with and have accepted your intended direction.  Thus, you no longer have to think about it.  You just be it. 


Still other answers need to be consciously sought out and reasoned with.  For intended direction questions represent the growing edge of your personal understanding of who you are.  Intended direction questions help you to define what is and what isn’t important.  What does and what doesn’t really matter? What is, because of who you are and what isn’t, because of who you are?    


Some of the intended direction questions in your life are merely questions concerning the mundane. Like what grocery store will you frequent and how will you get there?  Still other intended direction questions concern the eternal or the extraordinary.  Like why do I believe or why do I not believe in Jesus? 


Your daily choices and actions reflect who you are.  Your being, who you are, will always dictate your doing.  Your doing will never change your being, who you are. For all of us are very good actors.  Thus, taking the time to truly understand your answers to intended direction questions is essential to truly understanding who you are.    


Here are five intended direction questions for you to ponder.  This list is in no way exhaustive.  These are merely a sampling of intended direction questions that I am inviting you to contemplate.  These questions are tough, but in getting real with your answers – no judgment, no condemnation – you can begin to grasp a deeper understanding of who you are, right here, right now.  And to grasp the possibility of being able to see into what areas you need to seek God’s transformative touch.


1.    Do you have hatred or lust in your heart?

2.    Do you deal treacherously with others, while claiming moral high ground?

3.    Are you merciful or judgmental?

4.    Do you seek approval from people or from God?

5.    Do you treat others as you want to be treated?      


God has given you the gift of free will.  You can choose your intended direction, every single moment of your life.  And you can change your intended direction, every single moment of your life.  Grace = The possibility of choosing a different intended direction.  But it’s impossible to grasp the possibility of changing your intended direction, if you have no idea what your intended direction is right here and right now.