To Lean Or Not To Lean

You can trust in God, through a faith in Jesus, and be saved.  No doubt.  Trusting in God, through faith in Jesus, will usher in forgiveness and salvation.  This is good news.  But, are you satisfied with good news?  Or would you be more interested in great news?


Now, before you answer, you need to know that experiencing this great news will require more of you.  This great news will be harder to live into.  This great news will call you to be transformed from the inside out.  This great news will force you to change your patterns and your perspectives. 


In other words, this great news is going to make your life, in some ways, much harder.  At least until you establish new patterns and new perspectives.  For change is always hard.  


So, if you’re okay with all of that, then read on.  If all of that is way more than you’re interested in right now, then stop reading.  You can always come back to this at a later time, when you’re ready.  You’re standing at the proverbial crossroads right now.  Which way will you choose?  (Don’t forget that whenever you’re standing at a crossroads, the wrong choice will always seem easier, in the moment.)


Well, if you’re still with me, here we go.  You can trust in God, through a faith in Jesus, and be saved.  But, if you don’t lean on God, in the midst of your everyday life, you’re missing out on the great that God has planned for you.  The great of an abundant life, right here, right now.


What does it mean to lean on God, as opposed to simply being saved by God?  To lean means that all of you – heart, soul, spirit, choices, preferences, likes, dislikes, affections, decisions, perspectives – are filtered through your relationship with God.  In other words, leaning means that you don’t want God to only be a part of your wedding.  You want God to be a part of your marriage.  You don’t only want God to be a part of the worship services you attend.  You want God to go home with you, after church.  You don’t only want God to be a part of your prayer life.  You want God to be a part of every aspect of your life.


To lean on God means that you turn to God for guidance, direction, advice, inspiration, help and deliverance.  You turn to God when times are good. And you turn to God when times aren’t so good.  You turn to God when you’re hurt, when you’re mad and when you’re disappointed.  You also turn to God when you’re happy, when life is great and when everything seems to be going your way.


To lean on God means that there isn’t any part of your life, where God isn’t included.  No compartmentalization in your life, when it comes to God.  God is in all, through all and a part of all of your life.  You work with God.  You play with God.  You party with God.  You vacation with God.  You binge watch shows with God.  You diet with God.  You exercise with God.  You hang out with friends with God.  You cry with God.  You laugh with God.  You go through the muck and the mire of life, relationships, careers, family and money, with God.                     


I hope you’re seeing how leaning on God is a much bigger deal, than simply being saved by God, through faith in Jesus.  If heaven someday is your only goal, then leaning on God probably isn’t on your mind.  For you’re satisfied with the good of heaven someday.  But, if the sound of an abundant life today, along with heaven someday, sounds appealing.  Then you have your assignment.  How will you get good at leaning on God, in every aspect of your life?  Don’t forget, every journey starts with a single step.