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I am so blessed to have received five hundred dollars to be used toward the sewing classes! Thank you!!! I have purchased another sewing
machine. In addition, I have purchased supplies to make an individual sewing kit for each participant. These kits include scissors, ruler, tape
measure, pins, needles, a pencil, tablet, seam ripper, and needle threader, all in a clear, zippered, pencil bag. My plan is to let them take the sewing
kits home once they have completed the class.  We have had as many as 17 participants, all women, except for Isaac.  Isaac is the young man that helped me make new covers for the sofa cushions last summer at Camalote Camp. He is 13 years old and eager to learn.

We began by learning to sew on buttons and hem a skirt. We have learned sewing terms, how to thread and operate a sewing machine, and
how to choose fabrics. To be cost effective, I have stressed “repurposing” fabrics. One of the young ladies wanted to make pink throw pillows for her
bed. I few minutes later, she told me that she was going through her clothes and getting rid of everything that did not fit. I asked if any of the old clothes were pink? She now has three pink pillows on her bed.

Patterns are not readily available here, so we are making our own. We had a lot of laughs as we teamed up and measured each other to create patterns for a straight skirt. We then cut out the patterns and made paper skirts! We are even learning how to put in a zipper! Right now, we are hand sewing most of our projects. Most of these ladies will not have access to a sewing machine after the class is over, and I want them to feel confident to make clothing by hand.

Cannot wait to see you all on Zoom! Love you bunches!!!