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I pray that this finds all of my Beneva Church family happy and celebrating a new year!

We have been very busy getting ready here in Belmopan.  The students who are sponsored through Children of Hope each receive Christmas gifts from their sponsors.  We hosted a huge Christmas party.  Actually, it was three separate parties.  We had a bounce house, crafts, games, iced and decorated cookies and served the younger children lunch.  What fun!!!  (I was exhausted!)

The Mommas were allowed to come and Christmas shop for their children.  Several churches purchase and ship Christmas toys and clothes for the kids during the year.  We have a WONDERFUL team from Virginia who come to Belize every December to help with the parties and set up the Christmas store, they then wrap the gifts for the Mommas.  What an emotional and happy time.

I moved to Belmopan from Camalote Camp in late October.  I rented a small concrete block, two bedroom house not far from Heart House.  I have more space here.  Please know that you are invited to visit anytime!  I am going back to Camalote Camp tomorrow after church to have lunch and celebrate Christmas with the Summer Interns.

Our Lunch Feeding Program was placed on hold when Carol fell and broke her ankle last Christmas.  It is still giving her problems, but our goal is to be serving lunch to the grade school children starting on January 21st.  Carol feels we will soon have about 100 children and it will grow from there.  Please keep this feeding program in your prayers.

I met a Pastor from Chicago.  He is bringing a team from his church in February.  They will bring 1,200 pairs of “shoes that grow five sizes” to distribute to the children of Belmopan.  These shoes were developed by a missionary in Africa who had a broken heart for children with no shoes.  Check out becauseinternational.org to see these amazing shoes.

I hope to come visit you this spring or early summer.  This week I fly to Missouri, drive to Oklahoma and Arkansas to spend Christmas with my daughters and their families.  I can’t wait to squeeze them!!!

Life here is not easy.  The crime rate is unbelievable.  But I have no doubt that this is where God wants me to be.  There are many missionaries here.  Most Belizeans know the Bible stories.  And as a friend of mine says “They have all gone to the alter and been saved many times” in order to get what the missionaries are distributing.  My request of you is to please pray that God will give me the wisdom and words to help these children develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

                                                                                                                                                                Sara Metheny

Sara Metheny has moved to Belize to answer God’s calling on her life to serve.  We ask that you lift her up in prayer and stay tuned as we update everyone on what God is doing in her and through her.  There will be opportunities to support her ministry and even to go and serve in Belize right along side her.  Make sure to check back regularly.