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Bible Study

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  • Mark 13:14-23
    It’s is going to get worse before it gets better, so stay in your lane.
  • Mark 13:9-13
    Be careful what you ask for. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  • Mark 13:1-8
    When will the end happen and what will be the signs?
  • Mark 12:41-44
    Size doesn’t matter, giving is about the heart.
  • Mark 12:38-40
    Until you get real with God, God will never be real to you!
  • Mark 12:35-37
    We have the truth, it just isn’t complete.
  • Mark 12:28-34
    Jesus finally gets a sincere question from a teacher of the law.
  • Mark 12:18-27
    Marriage and the Resurrection. The Sadducees learn that experience is dictated by your perspective.    
  • Mark 12:13-17
    The Pharisees and Herodians don’t agree on much, but they both want to get rid of Jesus!
  • Mark 12: 1-12
    We love Jesus as Savior – salvation, forgiveness of sins, eternity in heaven. We struggle with Jesus as Lord.