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Bulletin Notes

April 18 – Luke 9:23-24 – “Upside-Down Way”

Entry Ticket: Define “deny themselves”


You can’t gain _________ life without ______ first.

If you spend your life living for ________, you will lose _____ ____.

You don’t _____ a seed when you _____ it.

You set it _____ ___ ___ what it was always intended ___ ___.

April 11 – Luke 9:23 – “What Do You Want To Be?”

“Deny themselves” – Make the choice to define the what, that you want to be, as God’s what.

We live in a selfie culture – it’s all about me.

It is really all about trying to impress them.

Alexander Maclaren – English Baptist Minister from Scotland in the late 1800’s:

“Flagrant vice is not needed to kill the real life.  Clean, respectable selfishness does the work effectively.”