Bulletin Notes

Notes to follow along with our Worship Service 

“Just Do It”

BULLETIN NOTES “Just Do It” Matthew 6:1-4 “Just Do It”   Entry Ticket – Fill in the blanks: God’s love is based on grace.  Human

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“Grow Up!”

BULLETIN NOTES “Grow Up” Matthew 5:43-48 “Grow Up!”   Entry Ticket – Fill in the blanks: Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be

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“Your Words Matter II”

BULLEIN NOTES “Your Words Mater II” Matthew 5:33-37 “Your Words Matter II”   Entry Ticket: What is Jesus teaching? The commandments are about who you

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“Your Words Matter”

BULLETIN NOTES “Your Words Matter” Matthew 5:21-26 “Your Words Matter”   Entry Ticket:  What two things are we called to be, as followers of Jesus?

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“Why Am I Here?”

BULLETIN NOTES “Why Am I Here?” Matthew 5:13-16 “Why Am I Here?   Entry Ticket – What do the Be-Attitudes teach us? The future is

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“You’re Blessed When…”

BULLETIN NOTES “You’re Blessed When…” Matthew 5:1-10 “You’re Blessed When”   Covenants – Final Exam: What was the covenant with God made with Noah? God

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