Bulletin Notes

“If You Will”

BULLETIN NOTES “If You Will” Exodus 19:1-6 “If You Will”   Entry Ticket:  What delays the promises of God? Disobedience   Two Part Covenant: 1.    God’s Part – Israel will be a kingdom of priests, a holy nation 2.    Israel’s Part – Obedience to God   The call is to decide on the relationship before …

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“Humble Pie”

BULLETIN NOTES “Humble Pie” Luke 14:10-11 “Humble Pie”   Entry Ticket – Fill in the blanks: Love for your neighbor is extended to the stranger, when you realize the stranger is your neighbor.   Being humble is who you are, not something that you do.   False humility isn’t a means to an end.  Humility …

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“This Is Us”

BULLETIN NOTES “This Is Us” Isaiah 59:9-12 “This Is Us”   539 BC – Cyrus the Persian overthrows the Babylonians   538 BC – Cyrus releases the Israelites from captivity to return to the Promised Land.   Justice and righteousness describe who someone is, not what they do.   Light = Hope in God’s future …

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