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Welcome to Beneva Christian Church

We believe that Jesus is the Son of the living God, and offers saving Grace to all.

Well, here you are surfing another church’s slick website. You must be looking for something. Do you know what that something is? Are you looking for answers to questions about life, God, sin, heaven or hell? Are you looking for a new church home because you have relocated to the Sarasota area (or soon will be relocating to the Sarasota area)? Do you live in Sarasota and you are looking for a new church or maybe you haven’t gone to church in a very long time and you have been feeling as if it might be time to try it out? Have you just gone through some life changing event – the death of a family member or a close friend, loss of a job, retirement, serious diagnosis, divorce, coming to terms with your addiction or the birth of a child?

Whatever the reason, you find yourself reading these words right here and right now and that means something. Please, make yourself at home and check out this site. Listen to a sermon. Look at pictures. Read about our programs. But, my guess is that you would probably like to save some time. So, put our worship time in your calendar, set a notification and come to church this Sunday. Don’t worry, we won’t bite. We aren’t weird. You won’t be trapped. Come and check it out and see what God does. Now get off your computer and go live your life! We will see you Sunday.



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